Category: BSides San Francisco (2024)

BSidesSF 2024 Writeups: Turing Complete (Reversing / exploitation)

This is a write-up for turing-complete, turing-incomplete, and turing-incomplete64 from the BSides San Francisco 2024 CTF!

turing-complete is a 101-level reversing challenge, and turing-incomplete is a much more difficult exploitation challenge with a very similar structure. turing-incomplete64 is a 64-bit version of turing-incomplete, which isn’t necessarily harder, but is different.

Let’s look at the levels!

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BSidesSF 2024 Writeups: Slay the Spider (A hard heap-overflow)

Slay the Spider is a Minesweeper-like game where the user and computer try to uncover a spider. The challenge name and trappings are based on Slay the Spire, which is one of my favourite games.

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BSidesSF 2024 Writeups: Safer Streets (Web / reversing)

This is a write-up for Safer Streets. I apparently wrote this in more “note to self” style, not blog style, so enjoy!

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BSidesSF 2024 Writeups: No Tools (A puzzling Bash challenge)

No Tools is a fairly simple terminal challenge, something for new players to chew on.

I suspect there are several different ways to solve it, but the basic idea is to read a file using only built-in functions from sh.

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BSidesSF 2024 Writeups: Can't Give In (CGI exploitation)

The premise of the three challenges cant-give-in, cant-give-in-secure, and cant-give-in-securer are to learn how to exploit and debug compiled code that’s loaded as a CGI module. You might think that’s unlikely, but a surprising number of enterprise applications (usually hardware stuff - firewalls, network “security” appliances, stuff like that) is powered by CGI scripts. You never know!

This challenge was inspired by one of my co-workers at GreyNoise asking how to debug a CGI script. I thought it’d be cool to make a multi-challenge series in case others didn’t know!

This write-up is intended to be fairly detailed, to help new players understand their first stack overflow!

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