Nmap 4.85beta9 released

In case you haven’t heard, Fyodor released Nmap 4.85beta9 this week. This is the first release in awhile that wasn’t related to my code (or, most properly, mistakes :) ). It looks like the new stable version will be here soon, so give this one a shot and report your bugs. Here’s the download page.

From: Fyodor 
Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 20:44:56 -0700

Hello everyone! I'm pleased to announce the first Nmap release in a
while which has NOTHING to do with Conficker :). Nmap 4.85BETA9
brings you a bunch of other great stuff instead. This includes a big
OS fingerprint submission run, a bunch of work to make Ncat SSL
support more functional and secure, boolean arguments and wildcards
for scripts so you can now request stuff like "--script '(default or
safe or intrusive) and not http-*'", Ncat HTTP proxy support on
Windows, Zenmap UI improvements, and much more! We also fixed some
embarrassing bugs from the last release, such as the non-existent
smb-check-vulns-2.nse appearing in script.db and a number of
discovered crashes. Not bad for a few weeks' work :).

You can download 4.85BETA9 at the normal location:


Do give it some thorough testing! I'd like to stabilize things so
that we can finally put out a stable version rather than endless
BETAs! The best way to help with that is testing, bug reporting, and
bug fixing! See http://nmap.org/book/man-bugs.html.

Without further ado, here is the full list of significant changes:

Nmap 4.85BETA9 [2009-05-12]

o Integrated all of your 1,156 of your OS detection submissions and
  your 50 corrections since January 8. Please keep them coming! The
  second generation OS detection DB has grown 14% to more than 2,000
  fingerprints! That is more than we ever had with the first system.
  The 243 new fingerprints include Microsoft Windows 7 beta, Linux
  2.6.28, and much more. See
  http://seclists.org/nmap-dev/2009/q2/0335.html. [David]

o [Ncat] A whole lot of work was done by David to improve SSL
  security and functionality:
  o Ncat now does certificate domain and trust validation against
    trusted certificate lists if you specify --ssl-verify.
  o [Ncat] To enable SSL certificate verification on systems whose
    default trusted certificate stores aren't easily usable by
    OpenSSL, we install a set of certificates extracted from Windows
    in the file ca-bundle.crt. The trusted contents of this file are
    added to whatever default trusted certificates the operating
    system may provide. [David]
  o Ncat now automatically generates a temporary keypair and
    certificate in memory when you request it to act as an SSL server
    but you don't specify your own key using --ssl-key and --ssl-cert
    options. [David]
  o [Ncat] In SSL mode, Ncat now always uses secure connections,
    meaning that it uses only good ciphers and doesn't use
    SSLv2. Certificates can optionally be verified with the
    --ssl-verify and --ssl-trustfile options. Nsock provides the
    option of making SSL connections that prioritize either speed or
    security; Ncat uses security while version detection and NSE
    continue to use speed. [David]

o [NSE] Added Boolean Operators for --script. You may now use ("and",
  "or", or "not") combined with categories, filenames, and wildcarded filenames
  to match a set files. Parenthetical subexpressions are allowed for
  precedence too. For example, you can now run:

  nmap --script "(default or safe or intrusive) and not http-*" scanme.nmap.org

  For more details, see
  http://nmap.org/book/nse-usage.html#nse-args. [Patrick]

o [Ncat] The HTTP proxy server now works on Windows too. [David]

o [Zenmap] The command wizard has been removed. The profile editor has
  the same capabilities with a better interface that doesn't require
  clicking through many screens. The profile editor now has its own
  "Scan" button that lets you run an edited command line immediately
  without saving a new profile. The profile editor now comes up
  showing the current command rather than being blank. [David]

o [Zenmap] Added an small animated throbber which indicates that a
  scan is still running (similar in concept to the one on the
  upper-right Firefox corner which animates while a page is
  loading). [David]

o Regenerate script.db to remove references to non-existent
  smb-check-vulns-2.nse. This caused the following error messages when
  people used the --script=all option: "nse_main.lua:319:
  smb-check-vulns-2.nse is not a file!" The script.db entries are now
  sorted again to make diffs easier to read. [David,Patrick]

o Fixed --script-update on Windows--it was adding bogus backslashes
  preceding file names in the generated script.db. Reported by
  Michael Patrick at http://seclists.org/nmap-dev/2009/q2/0192.html,
  and fixed by Jah. The error message was also improved.

o The official Windows binaries are now compiled with MS Visual C++
  2008 Express Edition SP1 rather than the RTM version. We also now
  distribute the matching SP1 version of the MS runtime components
  (vcredist_x86.exe). A number of compiler warnings were fixed
  too. [Fyodor,David]

o Fixed a bug in the new NSE Lua core which caused it to round
  fractional runlevel values to the next integer. This could cause
  dependency problems for the smb-* scripts and others which rely on
  floating point runlevel values (e.g. that smb-brute at runlevel 0.5
  will run before smb-system-info at the default runlevel of 1).

o The SEQ.CI OS detection test introduced in 4.85BETA4 now has some
  examples in nmap-os-db and has been assigned a MatchPoints value of
  50. [David]

o [Ncat] When using --send-only, Ncat will now close the network
  connection and terminate after receiving EOF on standard input.
  This is useful for, say, piping a file to a remote ncat where you
  don't care to wait for any response. [Daniel Roethlisberger]

o [Ncat] Fix hostname resolution on BSD systems where a recently
  fixed libc bug caused getaddrinfo(3) to fail unless a socket type
  hint is provided. Patch originally provided by Hajimu Umemoto of
  FreeBSD. [Daniel Roethlisberger]

o [NSE] Fixed bug in the DNS library which caused the error message
  "nselib/dns.lua:54: 'for' limit must be a number". [Jah]

o Fixed Solaris 10 compilation by renaming a yield structure which
  conflicted with a yield function declared in unistd.h on that
  platform. [Pieter Bowman, Patrick]

o [Ncat] Minor code cleanup of Ncat memory allocation and string
  duplication calls. [Ithilgore]

o Fixed a bug which could cause -iR to only scan the first host group
  and then terminate prematurely. The problem related to the way
  hosts are counted by o.numhosts_scanned. [David]

o Fixed a bug in the su-to-zenmap.sh script so that, in the cases
  where it calls su, it uses the proper -c option rather than
  -C. [Michal Januszewski, Henry Gebhardt]

o Overhaul the NSE documentation "Usage and Examples" section and add
  many more examples: http://nmap.org/book/nse-usage.html [David]

o [NSE] Made hexify in nse_nsock.cc take an unsigned char * to work
  around an assertion in Visual C++ in Debug mode. The isprint,
  isalpha, etc. functions from ctype.h have an assertion that the
  value of the character passed in is <= 255. If you pass a character
  whose value is >= 128, it is cast to an unsigned int, making it a
  large positive number and failing the assertion. This is the same
  thing that was reported in
  http://seclists.org/nmap-dev/2007/q2/0257.html, in regard to
  non-ASCII characters in nmap-mac-prefixes. [David]

o [NSE] Fixed a segmentation fault which could occur in scripts which
  use the NSE pcap library. The problem was reported by Lionel Cons
  and fixed by Patrick.

o [NSE] Port script start/finish debug messages now show the target
  port number as well as the host/IP. [Jah]

o Updated IANA assignment IP list for random IP (-iR)
  generation. [Kris]

o [NSE] Fixed http.table_argument so that user-supplied HTTP headers
  are now properly sent in HTTP requests. [Jah]

Enjoy the new release!


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