Comments should work again!

So, I realized that the reCAPTCHA plugin for Wordpress sucks was marking a lot of comments as spam, when it was actually working and not getting timeout errors (thanks to my egress filtering). I decided to toss it out and go with a math-based CAPTCHA for posts, so you should once again be able to post comments reliably! I’m hoping that by customizing the math CAPTCHA to use different field names/numbers, it should eliminate the same amount of spam that reCAPTCHA did.

Also worth noting: at the moment, registration isn’t going to work because I don’t have email set up. I’ll post an update to that when it’s going again. It shouldn’t matter, though, registration isn’t required to comment.

I also added an infobox on the side (–>) with information about the author of the post, since I’ve been taking turns with my buddy Matt Gardenghi lately. Now you can see who posted what.

If anything isn’t working, or you’d like some feature/widget/whatever that I don’t currently have, let me know!



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